Transmuting Dense Emotions into Light Ones

Anyone who has reviewed their emotional state can relate to feeling miserable when experience dense or negative emotions, versus light or positive ones.There are some emotions that fall into the “gray” area – pride, anger as a result of situation that threatens honor, etc.

Dr. Hawkins was able to identify 8 negatives and 9 positives, with Shame being the lowest, while Enlightenment being the highest. Shame is deadliest emotion as it can push one to go over the edge and either commit suicide or not take measure to preserve their life.

Enlightenment is a tricky state; It can be given to you if you ae ready, but you can not desire it, which if you look at the ladder stands at number 125 – you fall back ten rungs due to that greed.

By all means, you should have a healthy amount of desire to lift yourself if you find yourself trapped in the dense puddle of emotions, since 125 is better than Shame – 20, Guilt – 30 or Apathy – 50.

There are countless ways to move your emotional state upwards as a lot has been written in sacred scriptures, philosophy and psychology texts. One simple hack I have taught my students is a 2-step process:

1. Making an intention that you wish to transmute the heavier one into lighter ones.

2. Tracking their emotions in a spreadsheet. The rationale behind is that , what gets measured, gets done.

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