Reviewing Your Hero’s Journey

Hero’s Journey can be a tough nut to crack, but worth the effort.

Joseph Campbell’s blueprint is not only an effective story writing tool but an effective personal transformation strategy as well. Long used many professional memoir writers, it brings into focus events in your life that point to your grand purpose in life.

A lot of people have difficulty in applying the “formula” to their lives, mainly because they are blindsided by emotional matters – That bully who made your life hard in high school, could be a the archetype – Threshold Guardian. Or that your stepmother, as difficult as she seems, might be another common archetype – Mentor.

This re-framing of your relationships helps you shift from seeing yourself as a person knocked around by life to finding clues to the bigger picture of your life. And this can be a healing experience and eventually lead to keeping your eyes on the prize – The Elixir you need to bring back Home to leave this world a better place then you found it.

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