Hello! I’m Durdana Priya Yousuf-Starns, Ph.D. I prefer Ana, something minimalistic. And that is what I strive to do – help take complexity out of your challenging life story and bring into focus patterns that stand out, then articulate that into written words. The end result is clarification of your life’s mission.

By profession, I am a book ghostwriter, a career that utilizes all that I passionately believe in – that you can find your life’s path through combining writing and meditating. Somewhere in the process, you can pick up clues that will lead down the rabbit hole, but in the end you will be able to harold in new and unique wisdom to share with the world.

When I am not the hired gun for author clients, I nurture my horticultural garden, a fur baby named Luck, two wonderful kiddos and myself. Occasionally, I can be spotted globetrotting or inventing original recipes that bring into fusion Irish, Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine.